My grandpa used to say

Knowledge & Information

"Information is not knowledge."

_Albert Einstein

"The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop."

_Mark Twain


Knowledge Share

According to a 2005 UNESCO World Report, "the rise in the 21st century of a global information society has resulted in the emergence of knowledge as a valuable resource, increasingly determining who has access to power and profit. The rapid dissemination of information on a potentially global scale as a result of new media and the globally uneven ability to assimilate knowledge and information has resulted in potentially expanding gaps in knowledge between individuals and nations." Our goal is to establish a culture-need-based common knowledge platform to take advantage of this very iomportant and powerful resource.


Facts And Figures

Knowledge gaps exist between nations, states of a nation, and local entities. Advancement of a society or a community needs participation of a statistically meaningful constituent to be achievable in a democracy. We therefore invite a conglamorate of knowledge rich high technologists and social scintists to achieve our goal.


Self Improvement

In this ever expanding digital age, identification of and trying to close the knowledge gaps is a never ending process. In other words the road we have chosen will always be under cosntruction. Well I guess that's the fun of life. Please email us ( for your participation.